Renew or redesign?

Are you going to renew or redesign? 

When we renew, we agree to continue something - usually as is or for an increased price. We renew things like subscriptions, contracts and leases. We also try to renew things in ourselves, like our goals, our desires and our habits. We renew our commitment to lose weight or to get up early or be more patient. We renew but we don't change. We renew but we continue to do the same thing. Renewal only gets us so far.

Sometimes we need to redesign. When we redesign, we take what we already have and reconfigure it. When we redesign, we simplify. We focus on what is most important. We redesign things like our living spaces, logos and websites. We redesign things in ourselves, like our hair styles. But do we redesign our goals, our desires, and our habits? Do we redesign our prayer life? Do we cut away what's not fruitful?

What got me thinking about this topic was that the renewal email notice came in for my website. I renewed it and I thought that was it. Until I decided to look at the website again and wow. It was only a year old, but it was old. As I went through it, I saw how much I had changed! And how much unnecessary information was there. It was time for a redesign. It was time to simplify. It was time to focus on what was most important.

Our interior lives need to be redesigned every so often too. Our prayers simplified. Our hearts truly focused on God. And leaving behind what is old.

One of my favorite quotes is, "Insanity is doing the same thing again and again and expecting different results." Renewal leads us to insanity. Redesign leads us to new results.

Don't wait. You know exactly what to redesign.

Website what?


Pope St. John Paul II said, "The future starts today, not tomorrow." That is why I'm finally publishing this website. Is it done? Nope. Is there a lot to explore? Not really. What's it for? That's up to God. This website is a beginning. A step toward what The Lord has placed in my heart. I don't know what it will evolve into, but I invite you to journey with me! (Sign up on the home page.)

I have learned so much about God in this process. And this is only the beginning, so I can't imagine what He has in store!

First, sometimes God wants us to start something without knowing how it will turn out. Often times we can get hung up on wanting to plan, to know and to have it all figured out. This can be crippling because we can cut God out of the picture. We forget that God is creative! His love is creative. When we proceed without knowing, we welcome God into "our plan." 

Second, it's time to loosen up! The Holy Spirit is a spirit, invisible and powerful to reach between joints and marrow (Heb. 4:12). We forget the Holy Spirit is free and more importantly...He wants us to be free! How often do we get trapped in our minds? "I can't do that, I'm not _____ enough." "They must have thought I was _____. Maybe I am this way?" There is only one voice we need to listen to and that's the one of the Holy Spirit, the one of Truth.

Third, we are all artists. Not in the sense we should all be outside painting landscapes, but that each of us has a way of showing God's beauty in the world. Maybe it's through your smile, your gentleness, your peace, your music, your work, your zeal, your love, you name it. You are unrepeatable and irreplaceable. Each of us must discover our unique mission of bringing God to the world. 

Are you inspired yet? I am!

Start today. How do you want to show God your love?

Here we go, God! 
In Jesus and Mary,