Invitations from God

What's difficult and beautiful about life is that it's always changing. Just when we get settled into one routine, another factor changes and we have to adjust. We are always adjusting. Whether to the new commute, the grocery item out of stock, or the forgotten diaper bag. Sometimes we have bigger adjustments, like a burdensome illness, a new baby, or the passing of a loved one.

We even try to prevent adjustments. We plan for the unexpected and try to get "things" that don't need adjustment. We like things that don't need maintenance or at least very little. We're attracted to the Tesla cars because they've eliminated many adjustments that regular cars have. We think we'll have peace when everything is in order and working as it should. We put up with the adjustments so we can quickly move into the next routine. (Especially frustrating ones like a car dying on the way to trade it in!) Without realizing it, we've missed the grace of the adjustment.

While adjustments seem frustrating at times, they are constant invitations from God. Every adjustment is an opportunity to turn our hearts to God, to re-calibrate. We can ask Him, what do you intend for me in this adjustment? What grace are you trying to give me? How can I be more steadfast on the path to Heaven?

Very quickly we realize that these adjustments keep us from getting too comfortable. They are our reminders that our true home is in Heaven, our true happiness is with God, and our true self is found in Jesus. As St. Augustine said, "Our hearts are restless until they rest in You." We need these adjustments to keep us moving in the right direction. We need them to be reminded how much we long for steadfastness that only Jesus can give. We need them to soften our hearts that often become bitter with the events of life.

Take a moment to reflect: What big adjustment are you facing right now? Or maybe a small one? Do you recognize how much God is loving you through it? How much He's blessing you?

What if we took that attitude with every adjustment -  to seek God's hand in it. Wouldn't our lives be more joyful? Wouldn't we accept adjustments with love? Wouldn't we be excited for adjustments instead of trying to prevent them?

Life is going to keep changing and so are you. Don't let the adjustments wear you down. Surrender all to Jesus. He is waiting.