Mother Mary

"Tupperware and Everything" was the title of one of my college essays. I had to write about someone I admired, and if you couldn't guess (with today being Mother's Day), I chose my mom. I wrote about how when I was a little girl I wanted to be just like her. So much so, that I even wanted to have the same Tupperware when I got older. In my essay, I referenced a small red container with a white lid that she used to put my milk quarters in. Well, when I moved into college, she gave me a present. It was that small red container with the white lid. Inside it was a note. "Darcie, I love you!"

Mothers give their children what they admire. (Mothers respond to the admiration of their children.) When a child admires his or her mother's beauty, it brings forth more beauty from within the mother to shower on the child. For example, a child's admiration of his or her mother's long hair keeps her from cutting it short. Mothers, by nature, carry life. Not only in the womb, but in the heart. Mothers carry precious gifts in their hearts. Gifts like unconditional love, patience, grace, beauty and all the gifts God saw necessary to love and raise children.

It is the same with our Mother in Heaven, Mary. God has placed precious gifts in her heart. When we, her children, admire Mother Mary's faithfulness, purity and humility, she gives us those gifts. The more we look to imitate her, the more graces pour forth from her heart. We cannot be surprised that she wants to give us our own virtues and graces––her virtues and graces!

On this Mother's Day, let us turn towards Heavenly Mother with profound adoration, for God chose her to be the Mother of His only Son. And with trust that she cares about all our needs, temporal and spiritual. That no detail in our life is too small for her care and attention. May we grow in love of Mother Mary, for she will bring us ever closer to Jesus.

We pray to our new saints for intercession: St. Francisco and St. Jacinta, pray for us!