All is not lost!

It's time to stop torturing yourself. It's time to stop feeling guilty that you didn't pray, fast or give alms like you set out to do at the beginning of Lent.

Since our Lenten resolutions aren't equitable to New Year's resolutions, we shouldn't be treating the end of Lent like the end of the year. It's not about tallying up what we did well and what we failed to do. It's not about making a goal or not making one. The end of Lent is about being ready for Holy Week.

If the only thing you learned this Lent is how weak you are, then that's still a good Lent! You are still ready for Holy Week. In our weakness, we recognize how much we need a savior. Having this disposition is what will keep us on our knees. It will keep us focused during Holy Thursday and make us present with our whole heart on Good Friday. It will remind us to pray on Holy Saturday and fill us with utmost thanksgiving on Easter Sunday.

As we enter into the pinnacle of our faith, let us keep trying. Even if we think we're bad at it, let us keep trying to pray, fast and give alms. Not trying to satisfy ourselves, but because Jesus deserves our effort. We are called to live! And to love! We forget that "love covers a multitude of sins" (1 Peter 4:8). Let us love intensely. After the Resurrection, Jesus didn't ask Peter to tell Him all his sins. He asked him if he loved him.

Jesus asks us the same, "Darcie, do you love me?