A little something

It's been three maybe four months since I've written a post and even now as I sit down to write this, I have my little one "helping" me––aka trying to teethe on my hand...

So I am going to keep this brief. It's a good reminder that "something is better than nothing." Especially when it comes to prayer, to acts of love, to reaching out, to practicing virtue. All those little somethings add up to big things. Too often we focus on wanting to do something big and change big things in our lives, but God is often asking us to do something small first. 

What is that little something you can do today? And I mean little! Is it pausing to pray an "Our Father"? Is it calling that friend who's been on your mind? Is it doing just three push-ups? Is it getting off Facebook five minutes ealier? Is it folding one shirt from the pile of clean laundry? Is it taking one less bite at dinner? You know what that little something is that's better than nothing. 

God is faithful. God loves us. God wants to meet you in every aspect of your life. Let Him in.