It's already been done...or has it?

Again, we have seen another glimpse of what we're looking for. A glimpse of who we are called to be. A glimpse into what we really want to be doing. A glimpse into the joyful life God wants us to live. A glimpse into our heart's deepest desires. We get these glimpses every day - from something we read, time in prayer, what someone says, what we see, what pulls on our heart, and in so many ways. We love this glimpse because it fills us with hope. Hope that "God's not done with me yet!" and that we are still on a journey.

When we get glimpses, we get inspired. The questions flow out like a waterfall. "Maybe I could do this?! Even full-time? What would be my first step? Would I really need to quit my job?" We start writing down everything we can think of. We start drawing diagrams, flowcharts and other things (and we had never considered ourselves good drawers by any means!) We think of how this would change the world. We are on fire.

And then it happens. We bring it to Google to do a little "market research" and POP. There goes our balloon swooshing to the ground. Someone is already doing it. It's already been done. So we scribble out what we wrote down and our drawings...and we go get a snack. We go back to our life and try to ignore that desire in our heart that we are meant for more. That we are called to do something amazing. 

Someone is already doing it or it's already been done. How often have we let this line rob us of our pursuit of our heart's desires? Too often. I realized I've been robbed of writing many emails and blog posts because I had thought, "There are so many Catholic writers and so many books. All more qualified than I. Someone is already doing it. What's different about what I write?" And I wouldn't write. Yet, I keep having these glimpses of writing and speaking more...So here I am writing.

We cannot let ourselves stop pursuing the life God called us to just because someone is already doing it or it's already been done. The way YOU do it would be different. Your experiences, your joys and sorrows, your life would make it very different. Even just starting with this one idea will often lead to another. By closing the door right away, we stop the journey short. We cannot forget that just as there is no one in the world like us ever before or ever will be, there is no one in the world who can do what we're meant to do or be what we're meant to become. 

The next time you catch a glimpse (which might be now!) and you're on fire, start. And don't stop. Don't even think of stopping because someone else is already doing it or it's already been done. No. The world needs YOU to do it. The world needs it done by YOU.