Freedom scares us

We have a tendency to want to find God in extraordinary moments in our days. We search for those miraculous encounters and hope to see His presence in our lives in a profound way. We forget that God comes to us in our ordinary circumstances. He is present with us in our mundane tasks - brushing our teeth, doing dishes, driving and working. 

God is with us. He is so close to us. There's a part of us that doesn't want that. There's a part of us that doesn't want Him to be with us when we mess up or sin. There's also a part of us that wants to be independent - a wanting to be in control. Giving up that independence and control to God would mean life is more free, peaceful and filled with love. Freedom scares us, yet it is what we search for the most. Peace scares us, yet we are attracted to it the most. Love scares us, yet it is what we desire the very most. 

God comes to us in each moment of our day to bring us His freedom, His peace and His love. It is up to us to have an open heart to accept it. It requires us to receive. We've gotten really good at giving. We give gifts, advice, work etc. But how good are we at receiving? 

This Lent, God is inviting us to not just give, but to receive. It begins right now, at this very moment. He is pouring out His graces into your heart. Let yourself be vulnerable to Him. Let us learn how to be vulnerable from Jesus on the cross.

 "You know that you will never lack God’s grace, because he has chosen you from all eternity. And if this is what he has done for you, he will grant you all the help you need to be faithful to him as his son.
—Go forward, then, with assurance and try to respond at every moment." - St. Josemaria Escriva