Don't stop now!

Ahhh we made it! We're at the top of Heartbreak Hill and we can see the Boston skyscrapers. The finish line is there!! This view is enough to give us the chills and also the adrenaline to keep running. 

We had this same view yesterday during Palm Sunday Mass. In the Gospel, we could see our finish line of Good Friday and Easter Sunday. The anticipation is building. The Lord goes ahead of us to prepare the way. 

These last five miles of Holy Week are difficult. We look down at our running legs and don't understand how they're even moving because we can't feel them anymore. This is God's grace sustaining us. We notice our sneaker has a bloody spot near the toe, but there's no time to stop. We can't dwell on our weaknesses (go to Confession!) God is cheering us on, just like the crowds, "you can do it!" and "just keep running!" and "you are so close!" Our bodies are telling us to stop, but our hearts are telling us to run. What will we listen to?

No one can run this race for you. No one can live this Holy Week for you. Our bodies will tell us we've fasted enough, but what do our hearts say? Our minds will tell us we've prayed enough, but what do our hearts say? Our society will tell us we don't need silence, but what do our hearts say? This is your race. It is between you and God how much effort you give, how hard you push yourself and how quickly you get up if you fall.

So don't be surprised by the distractions and temptations of these final days. The evil one is doing everything he can to get us off course and to stop running. He knows that he was defeated at the cross and that Jesus rose from the dead. "He [Jesus] himself bore our sins in his body upon the cross, so that, free from sin, we might live for righteousness. By his wounds you have been healed." (1 Peter 2:24 - bold added)

Prayers for a most blessed, holy Triduum!