Why Fast?

As you might have seen, there are a couple posts that refer to fasting. These come from my work as director of Live the Fast. Thanks to my husband, he suggested that I write a little introduction about fasting and why I will incorporate it into my writing.

Now the how, why and when are important, but I'd like to start with the heart of the matter. For those of us striving to follow the life of Christ, I bet I can tell you what we struggle with the most.

God sees our hearts and the compromises we make to take care of ourselves. 

From this simple statement, we can understand ourselves all the better! There are two take aways. First, we learn that we make compromises all the time and as much as we try to care for others, deep down we really care about ourselves the most. What's hardest is when we see our lives like this in comparison to the life of Christ who is uncompromising and absolutely self-less. We see how short we fall. We get embarrassed and we hope that "maybe God doesn't see it...He sees us helping that person and giving our tithe." We try to cover it up from Him, which leads to the second take away, God sees our hearts. 

Most of us have recognized the first take away in our lives. We recognize that we make compromises to take care of ourselves (all the time) and we're working to strip ourselves of well, ourselves. 

Some of us have recognized the second take away in our lives. We recognize that God sees our hearts. We finally understand that we are loved even with our selfishness and failures. He meets us where we are and loves us because He created us! We are learning to come to Him with everything, because He already knows it all. There's a new freedom.

From this point, we enter into a new state. We want God's help in being more committed to living like Christ. We truly want to be uncompromising and self-less. We want to be like Jesus. We become like Jesus when we do what He did.

Jesus fasted.

All of sudden, in the light of our reflection above, this means much more than it ever has on its own. I want to fast because Jesus fasted.