"B" Days

We all know what "A" Days are like. We're up early. We pray. We exercise. We have peace. We're ready to change the world. We see difficulties as opportunities. We are merciful, patient, kind, joyful and loving. We are unstoppable and we are accomplishing more than we thought we could. We're thriving...until we run into a "B" Day (and I don't mean a b-day birthday because those are usually "A" Days!)

On a "B" Day, we oversleep or under sleep. We don't exercise. We don't pray well. We rush. We're tired, we're anxious, and we're worried. Instead of changing the world, we feel like the world is taking over us. Difficulties are difficult. We're doing the very minimum. We're surviving. What happened? It's simple. We've lost our peace.

We forget that God wants our peace. Not only does He want our peace, but He is the source of it. Jesus tells us,"Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give it to you. Do not let your hearts be troubled or afraid" (John 14:27). Jesus is our peace. 

You know what really helps with re-establishing peace on a "B" Day? Knowing that it's a "B" Day, that you've prepared for it, and that God loves it! We often have an outline of our ideal "A" Day, but have we outlined our "B" Day? Get your pen! Now is the time to outline your "B" Day. Ok, so you might not get to pray 30 minutes in the morning like you do on "A" Days, but can you spend 10 minutes in prayer on a "B" Day? Same with exercise, instead of 25 minutes, maybe a 5 minute walk outside? You don't strike up a conversation with the cashier like you do on "A" Days, but maybe you just smile? 

So it's not an "A" Day and that's ok because "B" Days are just a different category and that doesn't mean they're bad days. They are just different!

The Lord needs just a little space in our hearts and He can work wonders. By having a "B" Day outline prepared, we keep our peace and keep that space open for God.

In Jesus and Mary,